Our Approach:

We enter with the wisdom that change begins within and that you have what you need to solve your own challenges; our role is to tailor our protocols to reveal the authentic leader within and help teams thrive.

Our Services:

DCC offers a suite of coaching services that blends adaptive-leadership tools, with adult-development mindset techniques, to reveal the authentic leader within and help teams thrive. Choose team coaching or a tailored workshop.


We deliver.

Dr. Annice E. Fisher, CEO & Founder, LinkedIn


A growing call to focus more on maximizing human potential led Annice to found DCC. Prior, Annice spent over 15 years coaching and leading individuals, teams, and organizations through the leadership and change process, including at The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, Harvard’s Doctor of Education Leadership Program, the Adaptive Leadership Network, the City of Durham Human Relations Commission, UNC Chapel Hill, and several local chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Annice is a certified mindset coach, leadership expert, and social justice activist. Her work has garnered several awards, most recently the Outstanding Young Alumni under 40 Award at Iowa State University. Annice serves as a speaker and panelist on topics related to leadership, entrepreneurship, mindset, and social justice, and is the founder of The BEE FREE Woman, a company focused on coaching women of color to reclaim their inner power and shatter glass ceilings. She is currently designing an Exercising Conscious Leadership course and coaching program for American University’s first doctoral program in Education Leadership and Policy.  Her adjunct faculty appointment begins in January 2020.

Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah, Principal, LinkedIn


Self-exploration and creative storytelling are at the heart of Ali’s inside-out approach to promoting a freer self and freer society. As the son of Lebanese immigrants, Ali fell victim to failing public schools in his majority-immigrant community of Dearborn, MI. Ali’s childhood struggles ignited a flame that carried him from Henry Ford Community College to Harvard, where he earned his Doctorate in 2017. Ali earned an MBA and M.Ed. on his way, with social entrepreneurship, entertainment, and education as the three domains that have defined his academic and professional career. At Harvard, Ali studied and taught Adult Development Psychology, before partnering with Annice to expand DCC’s work with leaders/teams nationwide. His diverse skillset as an activist, musician, coach, speaker, and writer has equipped him to serve an eclectic range of clients across the public and private sectors, among them some of the nation’s largest state agencies and non-profits. Ali has two TED Talk appearances, is a recipient of the 2019 Voqal Fellowship, and was recently funded by WDET Detroit (NPR’s Branch) to launch a local podcast, “Typical Dearborn.”


Dr. Clarybel Peguero, Consultant, LinkedIn


Dr. Clarybel Peguero has over 20 years in higher education administration. Her areas of expertise span from organizational development and change management, individual coaching and team building, to implementation of data driven initiatives.

Author Anderson, Consultant, LinkedIn 


Author’s brings over a decade of expertise in psychology, public policy, nonprofit management, education, diversity & inclusion, program design & implementation, entrepreneurship & innovation, and organizational leadership allow him to continue to improve the lives of people around the globe through his work with government, business, and nonprofit clients.

Na’taja Flood, Consultant Assistant, LinkedIn  


Na’taja M.R. Flood is an educational activist and artist from Harlem, NY committed to ensuring that communities like Harlem and its residents become self-sustainable through education and financial literacy.

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