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Coaching clients often ask: how do I release negative emotions? This video includes steps on processing our emotions: releasing negative emotions and sustaining positive ones.

How do you address everyday issues of racism and sexism as a woman of color? We answer this question because it was one of the top 3 issues impacting women of color (identified from our poll). Tag a friend that needs help navigating these situations! Check out out The BEE FREE Woman YouTube page for more videos.

Drs. Fisher (@anniceespeaks) and Fadlallah (@aliimadmusic) created, wrote, and directed two seasons of The BE FREE Show. The show was about making a public display of our ongoing work to free ourselves AND inviting others into the conversation to do the same. Check out this episode and others on our YouTube Channel.

Episode 1 tackles the topic of Self-Love - what does it really mean? We cover this topic with three key questions. 1. Learning myself: how well do I understand my background and personality? 2. Loving myself: do I really know what it means to love myself? 3.