Our unique capacity-building approach integrates adaptive-leadership tools, with adult-development mindset techniques to equip you with practices for long-term success.



Team Coaching


Our methods equip teams to tackle tough challenges and nurture the growth mindset required for long-term change. Do you need to expand your team’s toolkit for equity, communication, relationship-building, or navigating the politics of change?

Team Coaching is for your team if you need:

  • A common leadership framework for diagnosing and solving complex problems.

  • Support for team members to take more initiative in their roles.

  • To identify the team’s triggers, blindspots, and fixed mindsets that can thwart progress

  • To figure out why you keep getting “blindsided” by the politics

To best meet your team’s goals, we conduct an initial needs assessment and then design the coaching session to build out the skills to maximize your team’s performance.

Cost: TBD based on team’s size, needs and budget

1 on 1 (Immunity to Change)

Interested in 1:1 Coaching? As experts in the world-renowned method Immunity to Change, we will help you a) identify your strengths and the psychological roadblocks that can compromise your individual commitments; and b) overcome these challenges through expert protocols. Email to learn more.




We do not believe in dependency on consultants. We believe everybody has the capacity to become a coach. We open source our methods with Coach-the-Coaches workshops designed to help you continue your impact in-house.

Coach the Coaches is for you if:

  • Your team feels ready to learn and practice how to diagnose challenges and strategize accordingly.

  • Your team wants to practice effective communication, handling opposition and understanding our role in the process of change.

  • Your team wants to hone the art of keeping work at the center amid challenges

  • Your team wants to prioritize socially just leadership.

You Get:

  • Half or full-day coaching session orienting you to our Leading on the Line Toolkit for Adaptive Leadership

  • Tools and strategies for processing brave conversations rooted in Adult Development theory

  • An opportunity to apply the 5 practices for exercising adaptive leadership. This session also includes identifying fixed mindsets and strategies for overcoming them. Ideal for teams looking for advanced approach to the nuts and bolts of leadership.

Cost: TBD based on team’s size, needs and budget

Customize Your Own


We are constantly adapting to the unique needs of our clients. For teams seeking any combination of training in leadership, DEI, communication, conflict resolution, and more, our customizable workshops are a great option.

Options may include:

  • Social Justice Intensive: training on diagnosing and interrupting the three levels of oppression (individual, systemic, cultural), micro-aggressions, and SJ challenges.

  • Equity & Adaptive Leadership Intensive: this day-long coaching session equips organizations with the adaptive leadership framework tailored to your organization’s social justice challenge.

  • Politics of Change Intensive: Create a stakeholder analysis and practice our strategic toolkit for building coalitions to get multiple stakeholders to collaborate on a change initiatives.

  • Team Immunity-to-Change Session (see Team Coaching)

Cost: TBD based on team’s size, needs and budget

Are you interested in what these services look like specifically for women of color? Check out the BEE FREE Woman.