Our work together pushed my professional practice but ultimately helped me grow as an individual. I became more confident in my choices. I credit her with helping me to develop and trust my voice on a team where collaboration was challenging. DCC helped to guide my team in creating strategies, structures and sustainable systems for our vision.”
— Muronji I., Harlem Children's Zone

Happy Clients


Annice’s value can be seen in her ability to transform a group of leaders towards achieving positive and impactful change. Achieving change in a complex environment is, at times, a daunting undertaking, but Annice navigates the process by guiding decision making, educating leaders in critical developmental areas, demonstrating and implementing the change, and providing assessment tools to measure success.

— Gay P.

Working with Dr. Ali has been a very positive experience. First off he actively listens and gives me feedback that is actually helpful. He is genuine in his conversations and that makes me feel comfortable. As part of the coaching we have been working on ITC (Immunity to Change Map). This map makes you think about a problem and forces you to look at the problem from different angles. It’s truly an eye opener. Every week I look forward to our meeting and it excites me how I have improved in my leadership role.

— Hector g.

I can honestly say that working with Annice changed me as a person and as a leader. She helped me discover my authentic self by coaching me to identify and unpack my big assumptions about the world (without judgement), learn how they were impacting me and those around me, and work to overturn those assumptions so I could be the leader I wanted to be. Annice also gave me resources to support my own learning, including books, articles and ideas for engagement strategies in meetings or with my team.

— Katie S.

Our team has struggled for several months and you’ve opened up a pathway for us to move forward in a productive manner, using frameworks that help us with common language and to identify root causes of our struggles.”

— seng d.


Annice has provided large-group leadership PD sessions (over the course of multiple days) as well as one-on-one leadership coaching to our leaders. Her skills in both areas have been incredibly valuable to helping leaders grapple with sensitive issues related to organizational as well as personal issues. Her presenting and leadership style is both direct and supportive and was perfect for helping our group to confront some ongoing challenges while also making people feel comfortable with difficult concepts.

— Kate S.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Fisher for more than 10 years. Her work and the work of DCC is cutting edge and needed for organizations at this time in our history. Many consultants only engage either structures or individuals, DCC knows how important it is to work with both people and structures with compassion and accountabilities.

— Jamie W.

I worked with Ali as a peer coach, and I greatly valued his discerning ear and his ability to reflect back to me what he heard, as well as to help me navigate complex situations. He listens like a friend but is also able to coach like the systems-thinker that he is.

— Andrea L.

When you begin working with Annice, you make the decision that you won’t go another day living with the obstructive behaviours that get in your way. Every session provides a breakthrough and shift in mindset so powerful, you can’t help but commit to the process. She has great insight into human behavior and her feedback was tailored to me and my situations, was easy for me to implement, and paid off almost immediately for me and for those around me.

— Tina T.