Change begins within


When faced with challenges, leaders live and die by their capacity to choose love over fear. This means shifting mindsets and behaviors, and as your coaches, we facilitate brave dialogue and workshops centered on team-building and social justice.


Our Services

With an eye for equity, DCC offers a suite of services that blend “adaptive-leadership” with “adult development.” Choose from team coaching, “Coach the Coaches” or “Customize My Own” workshops.

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Our Approach

Our inside-out approach helps people move past fear-based mindsets, trust their voice, and use that inner power to strategically exercise leadership for social change. We teach inner and outer tools for long-term success.

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Our Clients

Your belief in the power of love makes you — regardless of size or sector — a change-agent that shares our commitment to transcend status quo, break barriers and maximize impact in the diverse communities we serve.

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Our Impact

From Harvard to the Harlem Children’s Zone, our team knows how to tailor professional learning environments for all audiences. Our ability to deliver world-class facilitation, instruction, and research has been utilized across a variety of industries and sectors.


“Annice’s work and the work of DCC is cutting edge and needed for organizations at this time in our history.” Jamie W.


In their words

“Annice has helped me build my capacity as a leader in work around diversity, equity and inclusion, pushing me to be self-reflective about my own assumptions and needs, as well as the needs of my organization.”

— Kathryn S.